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Leonie Sherif Debuts Lush New Track ‘Venus,’ Celebrating Feminine Energy and Self-Expression

East London/Essex-born singer-songwriter and producer Leonie Sherif is back blurring genre lines once again with her ethereal new release “Venus.” Known for her unique sound, which is a blend of alternative and commercial, slightly abstract electro RnB, Leonie has consistently pushed the boundaries of music, and “Venus” is no exception.

With “Venus,” she continues that artistic evolution, crafting lush atmospheric textures inspired by one of her own artisanal fragrance accords. As described by her, It’s an airy, rhythmic masterpiece that embodies feminine energy through and through, from the soft instrumental elements gently embracing Leonie’s vocals to the subtly sassy, luxurious air surrounding the whole vibe.

Leonie’s musical journey traces back to her childhood, when she found inspiration in the reigning “M’s” of the 90s – Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Madonna. Leonie began seriously creating and releasing music in 2013. Her journey into beat making and production began in 2016, allowing her to craft an authentic sound rich with textural, atmospheric, and rhythmic content. Her catchy melodies, laced with angelic backing vocals, set her apart in the music industry.

Leonie’s significant projects include her first official release, “The NOCTURNAL WAVE EP” (September 2018), which featured a stunning catalog of melancholic tracks laced with ambient synths and rhythmic percussion. The UKG remixes from the EP were on rotation throughout Clubland in 2018-2019. Since 2020, Leonie has mentored, produced, and written for young and rising artists, as well as released her own music, including “D4TR” and “Esoteric.”

Her newest release, “Venus,” was composed and produced from the comfort of Leonie’s flat. The track embodies the lush, airy, percussive pop RnB vibes that Leonie is known for. The song’s instrumentation is soft, perfectly complementing her vocals. There’s a beautiful synergy between these elements, with Leonie’s vocal play featuring pleasant melodies and impressive vocal skills. The lyrics are well-written, carrying depth and vibes that make the song enjoyable and easy to slot seamlessly into any playlist’s rotation

This track is the ultimate feminine energy Queen anthem, ready to take listeners on a journey of self-expression and empowerment.

Stream “Venus” on all major platforms now and experience the soothing sound of Leonie Sherif. Let her music bring a touch of luxury and sass to your day.

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