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Sibongile Nene Blends Ancestral Sounds With Modern Flair On New Album ‘INGOMA – Song of the Torn’

Renowned artist Sibongile Nene returns after two decades since her debut, unveiling her latest album, ‘INGOMA – Song of the Torn.’ This nine-track masterpiece marks a significant milestone in her career, blending her roles as a singer and producer. The album is a resounding embodiment of her soul’s yearning to illuminate the world through her artistry.

On ‘INGOMA,’ Sibongile masterfully infuses the rural African musical traditions she was raised on with a distinctly modern, urban sensibility. Many of these compositions were originally penned by her uncle Mavava Nene, but Sibongile breathes new life into them with her emphatic vocal performances. The improv brilliance of saxophonist/flutist Steve Dyer and bassist Sibusiso Fura elevate it even further.

With its roots in genres like mbaqanga and maskandi, ‘INGOMA’ weaves together acapella harmonies, call-and-response storytelling, and spellbinding African folklore into an utterly entrancing tapestry of artistry. This album signals an invigorating new chapter for the multifaceted Sibongile.

A Multifaceted Creative Force:

As both a musician and drama/film creative, her body of work is steeped in tradition yet constantly innovative. With formal training from prestigious institutions like the Drama Studio London and College of Music Zimbabwe, she melds technique with the ancestral heritage passed down through generations, including being initiated as a Sangoma spiritual healer in 1998.

Her debut album, ‘Sangoma,’ ignited a wave of success, earning her the prestigious ‘Best Producer Award’ at The African Music Awards in Toronto, Canada. However, Nene’s musical prowess transcends formal education, intertwined with her ancestral heritage.

This spiritual connection permeates her artistry, positioning her not as a mere commercial artist but as a conduit for the divine. While ‘Sangoma’ (2001) showcased traditional songs integral to her initiation ceremonies, ‘INGOMA – Song of the Torn’ delves deeper into her familial roots, adapting her uncle’s compositions.

 For Sibongile Nene, music is a sacred expression of self and ancestry. In her own words, her journey has been one of “cautious self-discovery and healing.” Overcoming initial hesitations and shyness, she found solace and courage through music, eventually sharing her raw rendition of Sangoma songs with the world.

Sibongile Nene’s artistry is a renaissance – an eclectic fusion of past and present, tradition and innovation, all expressed through the universal language of the human spirit. ‘INGOMA – Song of the Torn’ is a spellbinding next chapter in that poetic journey of creative rebirth.

Stream ‘INGOMA – Song of the Torn’ Here:open.spotify.com/album/2viqK6m

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