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LORE Unveils Dynamic Collaboration with YUNGDOPE in Latest Single “Like Play” 

Renowned artist LORE, in collaboration with his long-time labelmate YUNGDOPE, introduces listeners to an electrifying experience with their latest single, “Like Play.” This song serves as a sneak peek into LORE’s highly anticipated EP, also titled “Like Play,” featuring a collection of four compelling songs.

The collaboration on this song brings together LORE’s signature sound and YUNGDOPE’s distinctive flair, resulting in a piece that promises to leave a lasting impression on listeners.

As part of LORE’s upcoming EP, “Like Play” represents a significant chapter in the artist’s evolving discography. The EP, with its carefully curated selection of tracks, is poised to solidify LORE’s position as a dynamic force in the contemporary music scene.

“Like Play” is now available on major streaming platforms:

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