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Mister Motivation Drops New Single “Acting Different” Featuring Beanz and Unveils Deluxe Version of ‘The Audio Collection’

Renowned public speaker turned Hip-Hop spoken word artist, Mister Motivation, is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Acting Different,” featuring Netflix’s Rhythm & Flow contestant Beanz. The track is a standout addition to the Deluxe Version of Mister Motivation’s Summer 2022 body of work, ‘The Audio Collection.’

Crafted with artistic finesse, “Acting Different” captures Mister Motivation’s signature fusion of spoken word and Hip-Hop, delivering a powerful and immersive listening experience. The Deluxe Version of ‘The Audio Collection’ introduces this dynamic new single alongside another compelling track, “The Bunker.”

Written and composed by Mister Motivation himself, along with Keith Jones, Joshua Beltre, and Sir Dominique Jordan, the project’s production is skillfully handled by Blair The MACHINE and fellow Pennsylvania-based creative Terian Mack.

“Acting Different” delves into the artist’s profound lyricism, exploring themes of authenticity and self-discovery. The collaboration with Beanz adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity, making it a must-listen for fans of motivational music with a Hip-Hop edge.

Beyond his musical achievements, Mister Motivation is recognized for his philanthropic endeavors and has earned acclaim from major media outlets, including CBS News, The New York Post, and USA Today. Michelle Obama herself commended Mister Motivation for his impactful work with Teach For America.

This latest release is a testament to Mister Motivation’s commitment to empowering others through his art and storytelling. The Deluxe Version of ‘The Audio Collection,’ featuring “Acting Different” and “The Bunker,” is poised to make a significant impact in the world of motivational music, showcasing Mister Motivation’s continued evolution as an artist.

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