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Moonchild Sanelly descends heavily on SA radio stations for taking down “Askies” 

Moonchild goes hard on Mzansi radio stations for sidelining her song Askies, according to her it is hypocritical to say Askies is too explicit when the same radio stations play much more explicit content by men celebrating women as sex objects.

The star took to her social media to express her anger and fraustration by descending heavily on radio stations and also calling out on her fans to write a petition and urge radio stations to play her song.

Moonchild sanelly posted a passionate video highlighting the hypocrisy of radio stations that have no problem playing international songs that objectify women, but decide to ban “Askies”.

she wrote:
Dear SA radio stations!!!

The way you choose to shut a woman down for celebrating our bodies and play men that talk about Ass as objects
I have something to tell u!!! How about we take videos of how the song makes us feel? That could be a start! It’s more about us💙

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