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Mr. Bass Releases “Lèse Mwen Viv”, A Blend of Hip Hop and Afrodrill Vibes 

Step into the sound of Mr. Bass, the talented Haitian artist, as he presents us with, “Lèse Mwen Viv,” translating to “Let me live” in French. Set against a backdrop of hip-hop and Afrodrill production, this song exudes a calm vibe with a laidback delivery and the distinctive tone of Mr. Bass’s voice.

The production of the song is top-notch, offering a great foundation that complements the clean and clear vocals of Mr. Bass. The beat provides the perfect backdrop for him to nail his performance with precision. From the smooth delivery to the overall tone, every element falls into place seamlessly.

“Lèse Mwen Viv” possesses an infectious quality that grabs listeners from the first note. Mr. Bass showcases his talent in this blend of genres, creating a musical experience that’s both soothing and entrancing.

Stream “Lèse Mwen Viv,”  Here:


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