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Nasty C shares his top 5 favorite SA rappers 

In a recent interview with SAHipHopMag, Nasty C was put in a tight spot as he was asked to list his top 5 favorite SA rappers.

The award-winning rapper admitted that he had to get the list right and that he is not going to be biased since his list is inspired by the people he grew up listening to.

“I’m not gonna be biased man, this is purely based off of like the people I grew up on and the people that they drop songs while I listen to them,” he said.

Sharing the list of his favorite SA rappers Nasty C said; “AKA, of course, Maggz at a point, let me see, I want to be very careful with this one”

“Let me see man, definitely Proverb, definitely a hundred percent, there was a point I was listening to a lot of Mr. Selwyn, I don’t know what happened to him, K.O has to be there,” he added.

Watch the video below:

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