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New Afrobeat Sensation Tae Releases New Single “Searchin’” 

Afrobeat artist Tae, signed under the dynamic Afro:Wings music label, proudly presents their latest single, “Searchin’.” Going beyond the confines of traditional music, this track is a vibrant fusion of rhythm and soul, delving into profound themes of finding the lost and uplifting the weak. “Searchin’” is a heartfelt expression of empathy and solidarity.

Afro:Wings music label is thrilled to spearhead this groundbreaking release. Don Steve, the founder of Afro:Wings, expresses, “Tae’s ‘Searchin’’ is more than a song. It’s a narrative that encapsulates the essence of what we stand for – unity, strength, and the unwavering commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless.”

“Searchin’” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a rhythm that advocates for change and compassion.

Alongside the release, a series of innovative promotional activities and community initiatives have been introduced to amplify the song’s impactful message.

Join Tae on this musical journey of discovery and social consciousness. “Searchin’” transcends being merely a song; it stands as a beacon of hope, a rallying cry for action, and a testament to the transformative power of music in bringing about real-world change.

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