Niashun’s delivers promising debut single ‘OK’

Niashun finally let’s loose his first official song and as far as good first impressions go, he’s nailed it. ‘OK’ is Niashun’s new song – an Afrobeat beauty poised to fling Accra’s newest sensation into a whole new level of prominence. No doubt. His uplifting message, lilt, and preference for a choralesque refrain easily create an atmosphere that’s explosive. And we like it.

The singer’s perspective is simple. Life can be overwhelming and with no shortage of negative feelings insight, hope is all we can truly afford. It is along these lines that Niashun seeks to offer a shot in the arm for a generation burdened with constant anxiety and depression. ‘’OK is for anyone who is trying to hold it together,” he shares. “We live in a time where anxiety and depression are at their highest, but that’s not the end of the world! Tomorrow will be okay. Just hang in there, relax and let this song (‘OK’) speak to you’’.

If this is your first encounter with the artist, Niashun is a singer-songwriter whose recent notoriety can be traced back to his standout feature on DJ Mensah’s ‘Gyrate’ (2021). His musical journey can best be described as a metamorphosis – one that has seen his genre of choice shift from R&B, Reggae, and Dancehall to more afro-leaning sounds: Afrobeat and Afro-fusion. This makes Niashun an exciting artist to watch as his eclectic discography may easily appeal to you.

There’s a lot to expect from the aspiring Afrobeat champion in the months ahead and with ‘OK’ now out of the way, we can only wonder, what’s next for him?

Get a hang of Niashun’s fusion of uplifting vocals and beautiful harmonies on the Mac Heymann-produced song here: niashun.lnk.to/OKSingle

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