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Nigerian Sensation Dboi and Congolese Rapper Manu Worldstar Unite for Vibrant Anthem “Areyeng Mos”

Areyeng Mos

Nigerian rising sensation Dboi and South African-born Congolese rapper Manu Worldstar have collaboratively crafted a vibrant anthem titled “Areyeng Mos,” seamlessly fusing afrobeats with amapiano to create a dynamic and infectious sound. Rooted in Dboi’s personal romantic experiences, the song aims to encapsulate the tender and affectionate side of masculinity.

More than just a musical collaboration, “Areyeng Mos” is a heartfelt gesture meant to bring solace to a hurt loved one. This musical journey unfolded over three years, commencing with initial writing and recording in 2020 and culminating in a harmonious partnership with Manu Worldstar in 2023. Their collaboration signifies a perfect alignment of artistic visions, resulting in a creation that both artists can take immense pride in.

Adding to the excitement, a music video is set to accompany the song. The duo was recently spotted in Soweto, passionately filming visuals at a car wash, promising a visually compelling narrative to complement the captivating audio experience.

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About Dboi

Dboi, also known as Diamond Boi, is an emerging talent in the afrobeat scene whose interest in music began at a very young age, experimenting with conga drums and singing alongside a church choir. Raised in a musically inclined family, Dboi’s exposure to a diverse range of genres significantly shaped his unique sound and developed his rich musical palette. In 2023, he made his debut with the single “Bezos,” a track that quickly gained attention for its distinctive bounce and dreamy, atmospheric production. Following the success of “Bezos,” Dboi collaborated on his next project, “Breakfast,” in the same year, solidifying his status as a rising star in the afro music scene. His musical style is a fusion of afrobeats and indie pop, characterized by haunting melodies, introspective lyrics, and lush, layered soundscapes. Drawing comparisons to afrobeat singers like Joeboy, Dboi’s ethereal voice adds another layer of uniqueness to his music. The stage name “Dboi” derives from his nickname, Diamond, given by friends and family who perceive his talent as rare and precious, much like an actual diamond. This name reflects Dboi’s artistic vision of creating music that transports listeners to otherworldly realms while maintaining emotional authenticity. Dboi’s notable moments include surpassing 1 million views on YouTube, accumulating over 500k streams on Spotify, and breaking into the Nigerian Spotify top 100 playlist, reaching as high as 11th place. Meeting influential figures like Wizkid and Davido marked significant milestones in his career. Garnering positive attention from media outlets like GQ SA and NATIVE MAG, Dboi earned praise for confirming his readiness to take chances in the dynamic Afro-beats scene.