Nigeria’s August Makorr Releases New Song “On My Way” Ft Tim Lyre

Gabon-born Augustine Ebrechi Akor known as August Makorr is an artist-songwriter from Imo State, Nigeria but based in Los Angeles.

His music journey started in Lagos, Nigeria. He would just write lyrics but actually made his first song after his relocation to Los Angeles, in 2013. Fascinated with the creation process, August would write, record, mix and master his songs. The impressive worth ethic early on has been an advantage to August as he continues to utilize those skills to deliver distinct sounds to the listener.

“On My Way” essentially aims to encourage gratitude towards life. August bounces from English to Nigerian pidgin to express his optimism about the future notwithstanding his rough past.

“The song was written after my visit to my home country, Nigeria after not being around for over 7 years. I was consumed with work in the U.S, bills, stress, and trying to meet the western standard of success. It felt like I hit a reset button after arriving back home in Nigeria. Seeing family, experiencing my culture gave me that sense of hope to take a deep breath. People who had nothing to their name were happy so I have no excuse to not be thankful for life”, said Augustus in conversation with Unorthodox Reviews about the inspiration behind the record.

Backed by soothing vocal harmonies in the chorus, August is later joined by Tim Lyre, a fast-rising singer-producer in the Nigerian Alte renaissance.

Listen to “On My Way” below:

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