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Ray Ramon Shares “Move Your Body” Remix Featuring Spydaman

Ray Ramon and Spydaman’s latest release, “Move Your Body” Remix, is a testament to their enduring passion for music. From their high school days in Lagos to conquering Nigeria’s music scene, this dynamic duo has created a track that’s a pulsating fusion of infectious beats, catchy melodies, and irresistible rhythms.

Ray Ramon’s original “Move Your Body” reached the coveted Number 1 spot on Nigeria’s Ray Power Network’s top ten countdown, and now, with Spydaman on the remix, they’ve taken it to a whole new level. Drawing on their shared love for dancehall and Afropop, the remix is nothing short of epic.

This track invites listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm, feel the energy surge through their veins, and let the music take control. With Ray Ramon’s smooth vocals blending seamlessly with Spydaman’s vibrant performance, every moment of “Move Your Body” is a testament to their enduring bond and artistic prowess.

Ray Ramon and Spydaman’s combined talents and dedication have created a track that transcends genres, bringing the infectious beats of dancehall and Afro-pop to audiences worldwide.

“Move Your Body” remix is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Stream Below: