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Rising Ghanaian Star Yung Flicker Drops New Single “Way Up” 

Ghanaian hip-hop artist Yung Flicker, also known by his real name Daniel Opoku Sarkodie, is out with his latest single, “Way Up.” This rising star has been steadily gaining attention with his unique style and talent.

Yung Flicker’s previous singles, including “Cold Thoughts,” “Daddy Cool,” and “233 Freestyle,” have showcased his versatility and lyrical prowess. These tracks have helped establish his presence in the Ghanaian music scene and have garnered him a growing fan base.

Yung Flicker Way up
Yung Flicker Way up

In 2021, Yung Flicker made his debut with the single “Dine With Stars,” which further solidified his position as an emerging artist to watch. With each release, Yung Flicker continues to impress listeners with his flow, clever wordplay, and infectious energy.

As Yung Flicker continues to release new music, he is poised to make waves in the music industry. His unique style and dedication to his craft set him apart, and his growing discography showcases his potential for success.

Listen to “Way Up” on all platforms here

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