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Don Kuma makes waves with the release of his EP “Lifestyle” 

In a groundbreaking entry into the vibrant Nigerian music landscape, emerging afrobeats sensation Alli Oluwaseun Akeem, better known as ‘Don Kuma’, has released his highly anticipated EP “Lifestyle”

The EP Contains four meticulously crafted tracks produced by Emzreel. “Lifestyle” offers a candid glimpse into the artist’s journey, narrating the highs and lows of his artistic lifestyle.

The EP kicks off with the title track “Lifestyle,” where Don Kuma paints a vivid picture of the lavish artist’s life, showcasing the allure of Gucci bags, 5-star hotels, and more, all while reflecting on the whims of his woman.

The track expresses his willingness to spare no expense for his muse. Transitioning to “Oluwa,” the second track featuring Nigerian rapper Silas Manna, Don Kuma delves into heartfelt prayers for divine grace and fulfillment of aspirations, resonating in his native Yoruba language. The artist’s desires, dreams, and expressions of gratitude echo throughout the song, offering a relatable narrative for fellow artists and hustlers alike.

Don Kuma Lifestyle

Emotional depths are further explored in the poignant track “Peace,” featuring another Nigerian rapper Adeoba, where Don Kuma bares his soul, blending his story with hints of his mother tongue. Reflecting on past affection, present solitude, and the quest for inner peace, the artist delivers a captivating lyrical journey.

Closing with “Reason Am,” Don Kuma transitions to a somber melody, diving into themes of heartbreak and disappointment. With deep questions and introspective musings, the artist contemplates the unraveling of a love once cherished, struggling with unanswered questions on loyalty and intentions.

With “LIFESTYLE,” Don Kuma marks his debut with a collection that not only showcases his musical prowess but also offers a raw narrative of personal experiences and reflections, resonating with audiences on an emotional level.

Listen on all platforms here

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