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Seasoned Afrobeats Crooner Jaywon Unveils New Single ‘For My Head’ Featuring Spyro, Announces ‘Evergreen’ Album 

Award-winning Nigerian musician and producer Jaywon is thrilled to announce the release of his heartfelt new single, ‘For My Head,’ featuring the exceptional talent of Afropop sensation Spyro. This release marks an exciting prelude to Jaywon’s long-awaited and highly anticipated album, Evergreen, set to drop on June 28.

‘For My Head’ is a masterful blend of Jaywon and Spyro’s vocals, creating an Afropop love song that is both soothing and emotionally resonant. The track delves into themes of genuine love and emotional honesty in relationships, with Jaywon and Spyro lyrically reassuring their lovers of the authenticity of their love, affirming the depth of their affection and commitment. This melodious anthem is poised to be an instant mood lifter.

The creative process behind ‘For My Head’ was a testament to innovation and collaboration across continents. The track was recorded and produced between Dallas, Lagos, and Accra, with Jaywon, Spyro, and producer Marphy Jay working through late-night remote studio sessions and virtual transfers to bring the track together. Renowned Lebanese audio engineer and producer Moukhtar Doughan, known for his work with Snoop Dogg, Ne-Yo, and Maya Soufii, among others, added his mastering skills to enhance the track’s brilliance and finesse.

Driven by soothing melodies infused with authentic afro soundscapes, ‘For My Head’ excellently captures the essence of love and passion. The single serves as the final prelude to Jaywon’s eagerly awaited album Evergreen, which promises to push creative boundaries and solidify Jaywon’s legacy in the global music industry.

With its timeless appeal, ‘For My Head’ is poised to resonate with fans and critics alike, heralding a new era in Jaywon’s musical journey. Fans can look forward to Evergreen on June 28, a project that promises to be a landmark in Jaywon’s illustrious career.

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