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Shane Eagle Opens Up About Going On Tour With Dreamville 

Shane Eagle Opens Up About Going On Tour With Dreamville! Shane Eagles career path did not follow the usual path of most rappers.

The rapper started out on Vuzu’s The Hustle which he did not come out at the top but heavily leveraged the platform. He then went on to be a TV Presenter and not that long after dropped his debut album Yellow which was well received by fans.

The rapper has now gone on to do major things in the music industry with the highlights of his career getting to be on tour with Bas and Dreamville. Thy have also made two songs together and also has another track with Lute on his latest project Dark Moon Flower.

“There was this day, we were in Switzerland and I was with the team but it was my off day. I wasn’t performing, Bas had a show and that was my day to chill,” started Shane. He then went on to talk about how on that he realised just how far he has come to being on tour with Bas speaking to DJ Sabby in an interview.

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