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Stream KILLI & BADBAY MONO’s Latest Single ‘Top Boy’ 

In the heart of a neighborhood characterized by its pulsating traffic, and a unique ambiance, emerged an artist whose journey is as captivating as his music—KILLI. Growing up amidst these surroundings, KILLI discovered his passion for music and the art of lyrical expression.

The story took an intriguing turn when KILLI crossed paths with Maizy, whose cousin resided in Pascaline. JuJul, a cousin of Maizy, arrived in Guyana with limited proficiency in French. Joining an association to learn the language, JuJul stumbled upon the world of music. Thus began the inception of “Vis Ta Musique” with KILLI, Lois Atake, and the artist “Youri Thunda.”

KILLI finds its roots in KILLI’s lifelong affection for the drink “Kilibibi,” a nickname he carried since childhood. When the time came to select an artist name, “KILIBIBI” seemed like a natural choice. However, considering the legal complexities associated with the name, Youri Thunda, aware of potential obstacles linked to a registered trademark, advised a modification. Thus, the name “KILLI” was born.

As KILLI takes center stage, he invites music enthusiasts to delve into his sonic universe with the release of his new single, “Top Boy.” The track not only showcases KILLI’s lyrical prowess but also serves as a testament to his journey from the vibrant streets of Pascaline to the world of music.

“Top Boy” is now available for streaming on all major platforms. KILLI encourages fans, both new and existing, to join him on this musical journey. Stream Top Boy Now!

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