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Tanuke’s “Turn Off the Lights” Illuminates a Cultural Connection Between African Diaspora and Nigeria 

Renowned artist Tanuke unveils “Turn Off the Lights,” a soulful collaboration that transcends borders, connecting the African Diaspora in New Jersey with their brothers and sisters in Nigeria. This musical journey is a symbolic reconnection that echoes the shared roots and cultural richness of the black community.

“Turn Off the Lights” is a testament to Tanuke’s artistry and commitment to fostering unity. The track serves as a melodic bridge, bringing together two communities separated by geography but united by heritage.

In this harmonious collaboration, Tanuke seamlessly blends influences from the African Diaspora in New Jersey with the vibrant sounds of Nigeria. The result is a musical tapestry that reflects the resilience, strength, and interconnectedness of the global black community.

“Turn Off the Lights” invites listeners to join in this cultural celebration. The song is now available on all major streaming platforms, stream it now!

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