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Update Your Playlist With Jay Aura’s Fall For You & She Love My Aura

Jay Aura She Love My Aura & Fall For You

The Ghanaian music scene has a new force to be reckoned with, as Jay Aura reintroduces his already-released debut singles, “She Loves My Aura” and “Fall For You” featuring fellow artist Melly Mingo.

With a unique blend of Afro-beats & and hip-hop, Jay Aura is ready to change the Afrobeats game. Raised in the “Boogie Down Bronx” in New York City, Jay Aura has been honing his skills and perfecting his craft since an early age. He started his music career with THE ROLLERS and has now brought his smooth and versatile style to Ghana, creating a buzz in the industry.

Jay Aura’s music, with relatable lyrics and a fusion of different genres, is not just about entertainment but also carries a message. His hit singles “She Loves My Aura,” featuring a sample of one of Jay Aura’s favorite artists, Ofori Amponsah, and “Fall For You” featuring Melly Mingo, showcase his undeniable talent and versatility as an artist.

Jay Aura
Jay Aura

“She Loves My Aura”, which pays homage to Ofori Amponsah with a sample of his hit song, blends the traditional afrobeat rhythms with a modern hip-hop vibe, creating a catchy and upbeat track that will have you dancing; while “Fall For You” is a fusion of afrobeats and hip hop, with a soulful and mellow vibe, creating a love story that will resonate with listeners. These songs have already been making waves in the music industry and we are excited to bring them back to the Ghanaian market.

Stream Fall For You on Spotify below

With performances at legendary venues such as Irving Plaza, Gramercy theater, and play station theater in the United States, Jay Aura has also brought his talents to Ghana, performing at one of the biggest concerts, Afrochella in December of 2018, where he performed his hit singles “Ghana” and “Questions” and has been nominated 2 times for the Ghana Music Awards held in the USA, alongside being consigned to PJ KEV and the founders of Afrochella.
In addition to his successful music career, Jay Aura is also an entrepreneur with a unique clothing line, ‘AURACLE,’ selling hats, hoodies, and shirts of all sizes and styles. The ‘AURACLE’ clothing brand also has luxurious sorts including satin and sequin outfits.

Jay Aura has recently completed his first freshman project “AURA” in which two songs were featured on both Power 105 and Hot 97 radio stations. In addition, in 2020, he sold out his own concert at the well-known venue Shrine in New York City. He has an upcoming project currently in the works for its release in the 2nd quarter of the year. Thus far, his hits have rounded a million streams on various digital music platforms including Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and Audiomack.

Don’t miss out on this rising star, be sure to check out “She Loves My Aura” and “Fall For You” on all major streaming platforms and look out for upcoming events and performances from Jay Aura. Jay Aura is here to stay, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this talented artist, musician, and entrepreneur. Let’s support and embrace this rising star and look forward to more of his innovative and refreshing sound.

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