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Yaw Blvck is aiming for the stars with his all-new “Please Don’t Air” EP 

After three years of well-placed releases, it’s fair to say Yaw Blvck has won the admiration of fans and critics alike. The ex-TV3 Mentor Reloaded star has been steadily compiling a book of wisdom and honing his craft while trusting the process. And though finding mainstream success has been a far cry, the versatile singer is spinning all that pent-up frustration into a masterpiece rather than losses. 

His latest EP, “Please Don’t Air,” is a much-needed win and a subtle notice to anyone who loves good music. With six tracks, the project refreshingly blends Yaw Blvck’s familiar style with an innovative approach that captures his growth over the years. It is split among production from Liugeebeatz (‘Fear,’ ‘Hennessy,’ ‘Holy Sinner’ and ‘Mine’) and Kopow Gadsticks (‘Chargie’ and ‘Mind Ur Business (MuB’). As such, each track delivers a distinct feeling that will leave you wanting more.

Please Don’t Air
Please Don’t Air

Yaw Blvck opens his new EP with ‘Fear,’ an intriguing track that lays down his vulnerabilities in soulful melodies. Its soft delivery sees the singer explore topics of faith and perseverance with insightful lyrics many can relate to. This melancholy distills into a bottle of ‘Hennessy,’ where Yaw pours out his pain: “To be a man is not joke, no lie,” he sings as he scrambles to escape his everyday woes.

The EP’s mood shifts to a more colorful and lovey-dovey tone after, starting with ‘Holy Sinner.’ Here, Yaw flexes his baddie, who loves to get freaky on a Saturday and do church on a Sunday. It’s a dazzling piece bursting with sensual vibes and will have you missing your lover, setting up the next track, ‘Chargie.’ A destined romantic anthem for sure, Yaw Blvck and LIUGEEBOI form a match made in heaven to do justice to this groovy sound blessed with nifty lyricism and a catchy hook. The result is a smashing sound that guarantees countless replays.

‘Mine,’ the project’s penultimate track, squeezes these powerful emotions into a quintessential 3-minute love song. Love is beautiful and Yaw captures its essence in what will arguably pass as the perfect wedding ballad for many. His delicate vocals and lyrics melt into its tender production with a softness that will give you goosebumps!  ‘Mind Ur Business (MuB)’ closes things off with a bang. “As I dey mind my business, you for dey mind ur business,” he croons, in a style akin to that of the legendary Fela Kuti. 

“Please Don’t Air” might be the project to launch Yaw Blvck into the mainstream. It is a fine testament to the artist’s evolution and dedication to the process. This EP has it all; from soulful melodies to catchy hooks and memorable lyrics, the ‘Cloud 9’ hitmaker’s sheen isn’t dulling anytime soon. So, buckle up and immerse yourself in this auditory experience to reconnect with Yaw Blvck on his best work yet. “Please Don’t Air” is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here

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