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Young Rob and CocoDrops seize the summer with new single ‘Show Me’

Young Rob

Young Rob returns on the heels of the summer with a seasonal anthem. He delivers a sizzling club banger titled ‘Show Me.’ The new red-hot single features rising female rapper, CocoDrops who wows on her official music debut.

‘Show Me,’ like most releases from the London-based Ghanaian artist, centers on his Casanova persona and delightful vocal range. It delves into his fascination and desire for his ideal woman: a good girl and baddie, all in one.

Show Me Artwork
Show Me Artwork

Young Rob’s seductive quest soon breaks away from the fires of desire to the thrill of discovery, thanks to Belgian-Zambian artist CocoDrops. The Emerald Queen (as she is also known) brings her poetic pen game with J. Cole-esque storytelling. Bridging the gap between seasoned talent and new talent, she caps off the crooner’s spellbinding vocals with a powerful verse, putting listeners on alert.

Unlike previous releases, ‘Show Me’ has Young Rob pivot from Afrobeats to cater to Hip-Hop and R&B lovers, especially those reminiscent of the early 2000s. It rocks the jumpy rhythms that defined most songs of the time, thanks to a bass-rich production. Regah’s upbeat backdrop echoes a blast from the past, offering listeners an enchanting cocktail of beats to dance off.

With the successes of his recent album “Afro-Lover” pushing him to go harder, Young Rob is keen on giving fans the best of experiences this summer. As the heat rages on, ‘Show Me’ is meant to be the cool breeze that blows over you while you shake it down on the dance floor. Don’t miss out on the sound of the season. Hit play now and let this refreshing rhythm take control.

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