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A-Reece Clarifies Reasons for His Absence & announces the release of Paradise 2

A-Reece in an iG chat confirmed the release of his forthcoming album “Paradise 2” and reasons why he’s been absent.

For a year and a half now A-Reece has been off social media except for times when he’s surfaced to drop hints about his coming album, “Paradise 2”

During the IG interview the rapper also revealed he’s been working on his album which he admitted took him off the spotlight for a while.

“I am busy I am working just like anyone else. You don’t have to be on the frontline or anything, the work will show,” he said

Last year in an interview with silkour the rapper explained why he doesn.t go for interviews.

I don’t want none of that no more, it gotta be curated. It gotta sound like a storyline, it gotta be well planned. It gotta be well thought-out, it gotta have substance. ‘Cause, man, these days, I could tell you right now, the questions people got for me, if I answer them, then a nigga gotta get paid. Because if I tell the story that I got right now, a lot of motherfuckers gon’ get paid. You gon’ get paid if I tell you what’s poppin’?”

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