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Carnegie Explores the Complexity of Relationships on New Single “LET GO: CLAIRVOYANT III” 

Carnegie is back with a new single titled “LET GO: CLAIRVOYANT III.” This song delves deep into the complexities of relationships and the complex emotions that come with them.

“LET GO: CLAIRVOYANT III” beautifully captures the universal experience of taking a break in a relationship, only to find yourself encountering new people, intentionally or not. It’s that moment when you realize you’re single again and faced with the choice to embrace the newfound freedom or rekindle the past.

Carnegie’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of the inner conflict and the struggle to make a clean break. The song speaks to anyone who has ever found themselves at the crossroads of love, longing, and self-discovery. Carnegie’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics make “LET GO: CLAIRVOYANT III” a relatable narrative of modern relationships.

“LET GO: CLAIRVOYANT III” is now available on all music platforms, stream below:

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