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Fernand.L Releases New Single “Be With You”

Parisian-born DJ and music producer Fernand.L is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Be With You.” Known for his dynamic and infectious sound, Fernand.L continues to entertain audiences with this new track, which promises to get listeners moving and grooving.

“Be With You” exudes great energy, featuring a swing that is both infectious and irresistible. The track’s vibrant rhythm and engaging beat are designed to make listeners want to dance. Fernand.L’s skillful production shines through with well-crafted instrumentation, seamlessly blending various elements to create a sound that is fresh.

The vocals on “Be With You” are perfectly integrated into the instrumentation, adding a catchy element that enhances the overall listening experience. The combination of well-written lyrics and expertly arranged musical elements makes this single a standout addition to Fernand.L’s growing discography.

Fernand.L, originally known as DJ Dom L, began his career in the 2000s, becoming a resident DJ at several prominent Parisian clubs, including a 12-year residency at “Le Cab.” His career also took him internationally, with notable residencies at “Le Platinium” in Rabat, Morocco, and the Crystal Hall in Kiev.

In 2017, Fernand.L set up his home studio, marking the beginning of his journey into music production. His first self-produced house single, “Saxland,” featured saxophonist Niko B and was released in 2018. During the pandemic, Fernand.L shifted his focus entirely to music creation, resulting in the release of the afro house single “Sanaa” and its accompanying music video in 2021. His recent singles, “Listen To The Sound” and “All Night And All Day,” showcase his evolution towards a more Pop/Electro house sound.

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