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GH Drill gets real in his latest single ‘Pure Water Boy’ 

Off the back of his fiery single ‘Oye Wo Taste’, GH Drill returns to share his motivational new track ‘Pure Water Boy’. Inspired by the ‘’pure water sellers’’ on the streets of Ghana, the song is one of GH Drill’s most raw tracks to date.

The song details the story of a boy who was raised in a rich family, but ended up losing everything when they tragically passed away whilst he was in school. He faces bullies as he sells water on the street to make a living, a job that is riddled with issues in the country, from child labour to extremely low wages.

Pure Water Boy

This authentic story is delivered impressively by GH Drill over the top of a steady and entrancing beat that will have you pressing replay. The rapper aims to encourage listeners with the track, hoping to motivate ‘’all the pure water sellers and every hustler that has lost hope never to give up’’ by sharing a story of struggle before the triumph. Honest and addicting, ‘Pure Water Boy’ is one to check out for sure.

Peckham-based Ghanaian artist, GH Drill is paving his way into the industry by putting his Ghanaian/UK Drill fusion on the world stage. Since his debut in 2020 with single ‘Obaa Tumtum’ (30k+ streams) he has skilfully incorporated Akan dialect, Twi into each bold new release. Packing nothing but pure intentions, this artist is intent on finding light in the dark and shedding a light on real stories, hoping to shift perceptions and encourage listeners.

He’s definitely a unique figure in the scene right now, so one thing is for sure, you won’t want to miss the rise GH Drill. Stream or download ‘Pure Water Boy’ across all major digital platforms here:

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