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Phyno and Burna Boy’s ‘Do I’ Remix Video Sparks Excitement

Phyno x BurnaBoy DO I REMIX Shoot

Nigerian rapper Phyno and Afrobeat sensation Burna Boy have joined forces to ignite the music scene with the release of the official music video for their chart-topping remix, “Do I.” The highly anticipated visual accompaniment to the electrifying track has been met with excitement and acclaim from fans worldwide.

Directed by a visionary talent known as Director Pink, the “Do I” remix music video is a vibrant and high-energy spectacle. Phyno and Burna Boy take center stage, exuding charisma, confidence, and an infectious energy that is impossible to ignore. Their performances in the video perfectly embody the bold and carefree spirit of the song’s lyrics, captivating viewers with their magnetic presence.

Phyno DO I REMIX Shoot 2
Phyno DO I REMIX Shoot 2

The video showcases a vivacious and dynamic atmosphere, flawlessly complementing the upbeat tempo of the remix. Phyno and Burna Boy’s spirited on-screen personas bring the lyrics to life, embodying the phrase “do I look like I give a fvck” with an attitude that resonates with audiences.

Adding to the allure of the video are cameo appearances by notable figures in the entertainment industry, including the celebrated comedian Mr. Funny, also known as Sabinus. These appearances contribute an extra layer of excitement and star power to the visual experience.

Released last year, “Do I” remix has already made waves in the music industry, and the accompanying music video further amplifies its impact. Phyno and Burna Boy’s undeniable chemistry and star quality shine through, captivating viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

The “Do I” remix music video is now available for viewing on major online platforms, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the vibrant world created by Phyno and Burna Boy.