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SA Department of Sports, Arts and Culture Explains Why It Won’t Be Funding ‘African Unite Concert’ To Be Headlined By Burna Boy 

The statement released by the Tshwane Entertainment Collective media has been tended to and a lot has been clarified concerning the concert.

On the statement which labelled out certain complaints based on the upcoming African Unite Concert, Burna Boy was counted as one of the issues.

In short the part of the statement on Burna boy read as follows:

“Whoever may have deemed that the country needs a PR exercise of this nature would have done so largely as a result of the callous, misleading, and unwarranted incitement by this artist. Not only did he spread falsehood through his extensive platform, he literally incited violence and hate. He further promised to inflict violence on locals before you give your government an ultimatum which you seen to have received and succumbed to.”

The department has responded and denied ever being part of the event and most of all providing funds to it.

“The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture wishes to dispel the untrue information currently being spread on social media, that it is funding the Africans Unite Concert featuring the artist known as Burna Boy. It is unfortunate that the department’s logo was erroneously used on the poster advertising the event,” spokesperson Asanda Magaqa told TshisaLIVE.

“The department wishes to reiterate that it has not allocated or granted any funding to the event in question and any reports to the contrary are entirely false”‘ she adds.

Play Network Africa co-founder, Kenneth Chicco, told TshisaLIVE that all communications announcing the Africans Unite concert were done with the inclusion of the department.
“The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture is not providing any financial support to Phambili Media or its event partners, Playnetwork Africa to stage the event.

“With recent xenophobic events that have taken place around South Africa, Phambili Media reached out to the department for an endorsement to stand behind the messaging of the event, which is to encourage all Africans to speak with one voice, through music, to drive the goal of uniting our nations.

“We hope that Africans Unite will continue driving meaningful engagements, with the hope that all Africans come together, as one, against xenophobia and gender-based violence.”

Burna boy hasn’t responded yet to the news.

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