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Shallipopi launches ‘Plutomania Records,’ announces two new artists. 

In a bid to reshape the music landscape, Plutomania Records announces the signing of two new remarkable talents ZerryDL and Tega Boi DC, in a dynamic partnership with Dapper Music, another powerhouse label, home to Shallipopi himself.

ZerryDL is the artiste behind the viral street-hop single “Puff & Pass,” which has become a staple on music charts of various streaming platforms in recent weeks.   In the vibrant tapestry of Nigerian pop culture, the spotlight has recently shone brightly on Edo music and culture, thanks to the dynamic contributions of artists like Shallipopi, ZerryDL, and Tega Boi DC. PARTNERSHIP: Additionally, Plutomania Records partners with Dapper Music and Entertainment, a subsidiary of Dapper Group.

Shallipopi Launches Plutomania records
Shallipopi Launches Plutomania records

The partnership between Plutomania Records and Dapper Music and Entertainment marks a pivotal moment for both companies. This partnership is set to leverage the latest technological advancements to streamline the distribution process, amplify promotion efforts, and enhance the overall music experience. It will empower artists on Plutomania Records by providing them with a comprehensive platform for sharing their work with a global audience.

Speaking on the partnership and launch of Plutomania Records, Damilola “Dapper” Akinwunmi, Dapper Group’s CEO, said,   “The success of Shallipopi in 2023, becoming the biggest breakout artiste of the year is proof that the world is ready for Edo music and culture. Plutomania Records is the perfect opportunity to ensure that more talents from Edo State are recognized.”  

Dapper Group, a trailblazing force in the Afrobeats music industry, is rapidly redefining the landscape for African music, connecting artists with global audiences through innovative strategies and a technology-driven approach.   Established in 2018, Dapper Group has undergone a significant evolution from its initial role as a music distribution firm to a fully-integrated 360-service company. It encompasses various subsidiaries, including Dapper Films, Dapper Live, Dapper Films, S94 Publishing, and Dvpper Digital, which collectively provide an array of services such as management, distribution, publishing, and label services.

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