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SYYA BULLY comes through with a new anthem titled “Bloody Dreams” 

This song is her second release this year and a true embodiment of who BULLY is and what BULLY means. Last year was a year that set apart our generation from the ones before us. With pain and anguish, we watched as people were bruised, homes were lost and broken and the lives of young men, women, and children were lost just for demanding what we deserve from people who are supposed to “serve” us.

This song is a message to every young person out there fighting against a system that is modeled to cripple their dreams before they can even dream them. To all these “leaders”, we want you to know we are watching and waiting.
This is a memoir.
This is a sign.
This is a symbol.
This is our voice.
To all those we lost, you didn’t die in vain.

Stream “Bloody Dreams” here:

Connect with SYYA BULLY on all social media pages for updates:
Twitter: @syyaBULLY
Facebook: SYYA BULLY


SYYA BULLY is a power possessive collective and movement.
For now, it has one face and she embodies
very raw basics of sound, sound as a voice,
music, and emotion. With music being her superior power
she makes representative music that Flows through genres
such as soul, jazz, RnB. Pop. EDM. Trap and their alternatives.
Her Other powers include songwriting,
creating and video directing as well as poetry.
She has so much up to her sleeves creatively.
We are patiently waiting to see how
she tells her story in her own way.

Listen to SYYA BULLY

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